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rotork Electric actuators and multi-turn actuators

rotork Electric actuators and multi-turn actuators

Electric actuator features:

1.Powerful: electric actuator type, proportional, switches, various types of signal output type everything.

2 compact: electric actuator volume equivalent to only about 35% of the similar products.
3, light and pleasant: the weight of the electric actuator is equivalent to only about 30% of the similar products.
4, reliable performance: bearing teeth mouth electrical components and other key parts and components imported brand-name products.
5.Nice: electric actuator alloy shell, fine and smooth, and can reduce electromagnetic interference.
6.Precision abrasion: worm gear output shaft integration of special aluminum alloy forging, high strength and good wear resistance.
7, hysteresis minimal: the integration of the output shaft of the electric actuator worm, avoid the key links of the gap, driving accuracy.
8.Security guarantees: 1500V withstand voltage detection, F class insulation motor, safe and secure.
9, supporting simple: single-phase power supply, external line is particularly simple, but also can be 380V, DC power supply.
10 easy to use: free fuel, free point inspection, waterproof anti-rust, installed at any angle.
11, protection devices: a double limit, over-temperature protection, overload protection (optional).
12, a variety of speed: (part of the back corner stroke) of the full-stroke time of 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 100 seconds, etc..
13, corrosion and rust: electric actuator bracket, couplings, screws are made of stainless steel.
14, intelligent CNC: digital setting, digital tuning, highly accurate, self-diagnosis, a machine can.

15 integrated: Intelligent control module is highly integrated in the electric device body, no external Locator

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