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parker rotary actuators

parker rotary actuators

A rotary actuator is the most compact device available for producing torque from hydraulic or pneumatic pressure.

There are many types of rotary actuators, each offering particular advantages. The three most commonly used typesare rack and pinion, vane and helical. Parker Hannifin Series HTR and PTR/LTR rotary actuators are of the rack and pinion type.
Because the load ratings of the bearings used to support the pinions are high in comparison to the internal loading of the unit, external load bearing capacity is usually available. This can eliminate the need for machine support bearings, or it can accommodate overhung and thrust loads.

A rotary actuator with a hollow, ie: female, pinion shaft may be used in place of a coupling and support brackets, by mounting the actuator directly onto the input shaft.

We offer Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuators for high pressure, low pressure and heavy duty hydraulic applications.

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